Wichita Primary Election Results Lily Wu

Source: https://www.ksn.com/ By: Stephanie Nutt

Incumbent Wichita Mayor Brandon Whipple will face political outsider Lily Wu in the November general election.

Here are the latest unofficial results.

Election Results

Wu received over 11,000 votes, while Whipple received over 9,000 votes. 

Wu calls herself a political outsider and says there is a trust issue between Wichita citizens and City Hall. Whipple says his focus is on progress for the city and getting voters who chose other candidates to back his reelection.

“Ours is just to work with anyone who wants to make Wichita better. I know we have a lot of candidates, a lot of folks out there who voted for different candidates who might not have moved forward, but we are an open door. We want to work with people, frankly, if we do this well, the best ideas move forward,” Whipple said.

“I’m just really excited about bringing more people to the table, and I really want to bring those who did not vote for me this time around. I’m hoping that I can earn their vote. As you know, and you saw the numbers, three-quarters of the elected want a new mayor and want change,” Wu said.

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